Adam Quinn started playing bagpipes in 1985 in Dunedin, Florida, USA

Adam Quinn started playing bagpipes in 1985 in Dunedin, Florida, USA

Adam Quinn has been playing bagpipes for over 25 years, and began composing music at age 13.  He actively took part in the musical scene offered in the local school system in Dunedin, Florida, where he was able to pursue interests in bagpipes, clarinet & piano performance.  At age 19, Adam accepted a position at Disney as an entertainer, performing first as a bagpiper at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan for 2 years, and later hosting a bagpipe trio at Florida’s EPCOT Center.

In 1995, Adam moved to Vancouver, Canada and became a member of the world renowned Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, with whom he earned two-World Championship titles (1996, 1999) & landed a live recording including a solo at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

In 2003, Adam formed Lucid Druid, a self-proclaimed Celtic Jam Band featuring bagpipes fused with electric guitars, bass, African djembes, drum set and traditional Scottish snare.  The band has since produced 2 albums based on Quinn’s original compositions, including a popular cover of Rare Air’s Death of a Space Piper which he originally recorded at Carnegie Hall with SFU. 

Adam self-published his first book of original bagpipe compositions in 2004, the Quinnmusic Collection.  His unique tunes & arrangements have been performed around the world and are featured on numerous recordings, including multiple albums by the SFU Pipe Band.  Adam’s musical innovation and style are clearly expressed in the music of Lucid Druid, shaking the standards of traditional piping & creating music that begs to be exposed. In addition to Lucid Druid, Adam is also currently a member and the musical director of the local City of Dunedin Pipe band.

Below is a list of bands Adam has formerly been a member of:

  • Dunedin Middle School Pipe Band – Grade IV (85-87)
  • Dunedin High School Pipe Band – Grade III / IV (87-91)
  • City of Dunedin Pipe Band – Grade III / II (91-92, 95, 01-02, 10-present)
  • Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band (Canada) – Grade II (95-96)
  • Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (Canada) – Grade I (96-00)
  • University of Ballarat Pipe Band (Australia) – Grade II (99,00)

In addition to bagpipes, Adam also enjoys playing the piano, clarinet, didgeridoo, whistles and hand drums.